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The company

Pol Roussel and Jaklien Lietaer started peeling onions in 1996. Through the years, this activity grew out to a fully equipped and modern company. This company is specialized in peeling and cutting onions, that meets todays strictest quality requirements. In the meantime, their children (Charlotte and Louis Roussel) are working in the company. They also aspire a company that’s constantly evolving towards an efficient and state-of-the-art peeling company.     

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Peeling & cutting onions in a correct manner

We peel and cut our onions with the biggest care and operate by the strictest standards. Our efforts were rewarded by a BRC certificate Higher Level (AA). We produce whole peeled onions, as well as onions cut in rings, cubes, strips and parts. Our clients are mainly catering companies, foodservice companies, fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers, restaurants, … 


From the field to the consumer

We always aim for the highest quality of our products. Therefore it is very important to have full control over every step in the production process. The highest quality has to be ensured in every step of the way.


An organic version of all our products is also available.

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Quality in peeled & cut onions


Last week we achieved the highest quality score as a YUM! supplier.

YUM! Brands is the owner of fast food chains Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell.


This would not have been possible without the daily efforts of our employees. Therefore we thanked them with an ice cream.


Timeline onion cultivation


At the moment, the onions are growing on the fields! 
Hereby a timeline, to get some insight in the growing of onions.


Contrary to onion sets, which are planted in mid-March, seed onions are seeds and not plants that are already 1 year old. The seed onion will therefore remain longer on the field and is somewhat more fragile.

The seed onions will be harvested at the beginning of September and then processed in our production.

Baking tests


Every week, we conduct baking tests in our company kitchen.

Our products are checked at various levels: cut, colour, smell, taste and appearance. We do this at the expiry date and when the expiry date has already passed.

In this way, we guarantee and monitor the quality of our peeled and sliced onions.


A pleasant task, because what is better than the smell of baked onions?

Interested in our products?

Do you want to be supplied with the highest quality of peeled and cut onions? Contact us! Together we can figure out what kind of cut and what variety is the best for your dish.